Variants of Mafia Rules

The Bookie

A bookie is an important part of any mafia ring. The addition of this character was suggested by Steven Miller. The bookie is given a number of choices, although variants may be played in which the bookie has fewer powers. Each night, the moderator shall ask the bookie to awake. At the very beginning of the game, during the first night, the moderator shall ask the bookie which side he wants to be on-- the side of the mafia or the side of the civilians. The moderator shall then ask, each night, whether the bookie wants to place a bet on (a) who will be killed during the night, or (b) who will be lynched during the following day. The bookie shall indicate his choice. Then, the bookie shall indicate a person and go back to sleep. If it transpires during the following day that the chosen person has been killed by the method selected, then the bookie shall have an additional choice the following night-- the moderator shall announce during this following night-- "Bookie, do you wish to (a) bring someone back to life, or (b) find out about someone?" The bookie shall indicate a person. If that person is dead, he shall be brought back to life. If that person is alive, the moderator shall announce whether that person is or is not a member of the mafia. See the section above on Resurrection for special problems associated with this rule.

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