Variants of Mafia Rules


Our small Italian village has faced problems in the past; amongst these problems are Mafia and Werewolves. Here's a new one: a despotic regime has siezed power, usurping democracy. Each turn, there will be a King or Queen who has the sole power to decide who will be lynched. Open debate is allowed, but the day ends as soon as the King/Queen makes his/her choice.

The Kingmaker is a civilian, who, each night, names a King/Queen for the following round. The Kingmaker cannot choose himself, and he cannot choose the same person for two consecutive rounds. The Kingmaker must choose someone.

Note that the Mafia may end up being King/Queen for a day, but never Kingmaker.

When the Kingmaker dies, one of four things may happen:

  • People may offer themselves as candidates for President of the Republic. A democratic election is held each day to determine who is President. The President exercises the same powers as the monarchs did.
  • The reigning monarch at the time of the Kingmaker's death may continue to reign; however, the monarch may be removed by a simple majority vote, or by resignation.
  • The village reverts to direct democracy, and lynchings are carried out by majority vote.
  • The settlement will be determined among the three options above by the reigning monarch. The monarch may elect to stay on but allow democracy or a Republic to exist until further notice.

    Variant: The Kingmaker is not a particular card, but rather the highest ranking civilian still alive at any given time. Once the ten of diamonds dies, the moderator calls out at night: "Nine of diamonds [or the next highest surviving card], awake! You are the new kingmaker."

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