Variants of Mafia Rules

Double Identities

This somewhat alarming game was the idea of Scott Miller. It was first played on 5/6/99.

In this game, each person is dealt two cards instead of just one. Thus, they have two identities. A civilian identity is recessive to other indentities, e.g. if you are dealt a civilian card and a Mafia card, you are a member of the Mafia; if you are dealt cards that make you an angel and a member of the Mafia, you are both, i.e. the civilians don't have an angel, but they don't know it.

When combining this variant with Werewolves, interesting patterns can crop up, including a Mafia/Seer etc.

Now, the claim "I am the angel" means very little....

A word of caution: In the game we played, we had the moderator look at each card as he was dealing it to make sure that we didn't have a Mafia/Vigilante or Werewolf/Vigilante. This would be far too powerful, as you would have two kills per night.

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