Variants of Mafia Rules

Cats Have n Lives

In this variant, suitable for small games, a large number of cards are used (see game notes for for examples), and each player has a hand of several cards dealt out to them. They exercise all of the powers of all of the cards that they hold. Mafia and Werewolves are blind.

Each person arranges his cards on the table in front of him, from right to left, in the order in which he would like to be killed. When someone is killed by any means whatsoever, they lose their rightmost card. If someone is, for instance, killed twice during the night, they lose their two rightmost cards.

Once a card is lost, the player ceases to exercise the function of that card.

When the angel or seer or devil or wizard check someone out during the night, they are given a "yes" if the card they are asking about is anywhere possessed by the person checking.

Note - We played this variant on 6/24/99. It requires a patient group and a talented moderator.

See also the Table of Roles.

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