Variants of Mafia Rules

One Life at a Time

This variant was introduced during the summer of '99 and has proven popular in small groups. You need about 5 people minimum and a moderator for it to work. Each person is dealth a stack of cards and looks only at the top one. They play as that role until killed, at which time, they take on the identity of the next card down in the stack.

The game must begin with a preliminary night in which the moderator wakes everyone up just to see who they are. Then, the moderator wakes each person up in turn and they act. Don't forget the masons at the end of the night!

At the beginning of each subsequent night, the moderator must wake up those persons who have gained new identities before proceeding to allow people to act.

The game ends when the moderator knows at the beginning of a night (before asking anyone to reveal his card) that no civilians are still alive or no Mafia are still alive, and noone was killed the previous day, and noone is killed that night. The winner is announced the next morning.

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