Variants of Mafia Rules

Double Agent

From Ahmed Emad Ismail of MIT comes this idea:

Something I was wondering: why not have a 'double agent'-like character? The ideas are not entirely fleshed out, but he would have to have the ability to work for both the mafia and the civilians, but always for his own aims. He wins only if he can get the game to what would otherwise be a stalemate.

One possibility would be a character who gets to use the power of every other character in the game--once. So, during the night, after the mafia have chosen their victim, and before the next day proceeds, the double agent learns the identity of the victim. He can thus choose to save the accused (Governor), save the target of the mafia (Archangel) or himself (Bulletproof vest), commit a hit (Mafia, or as Mayor), sequester someone (Magistrate), etc. But once used, it's gone for good. And, also, he cannot use a power that someone else in the game does not have! If the angel is dead, he cannot use the angel's powers, etc. Or he can choose to do nothing.

We have not yet tried this variant.

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