Section 3:What should we do with the Micro$oft ?

3.1 Use alternative OSes.

Q: If Microsoft OSes are so inferior are there any GOOD ones ?
A:(Source: The Net)

Hey Count!

Before you go spouting off about how kewl k-rad Word
is and about how gr8t the lame-ass Dos 95 interface is,
why not get out into the real world and see things without
wearing a pair of Intel Inside/Microsoft shades?

You want a better interface than Microsoft's pale OS/2
Presentation Manager ripoff (aka Dos 95), take a look
at Object Desktop and DROOL. Too bad there won't be a
Dos 95 version eh?

How about HP Vue? Kicks the ass of Dos 95's pathetic
non-object-oriented menu-maze any day of the week.

Or give CDE a try, coming soon to just about EVERY Unix
platform out there. Yup, almost -every- commercial vendor
has a version in the works. It'll be shipped with AIX,
Solaris 2.5, HPUX 10.something... and the list goes on
and on. THAT's what's called -real- interoperability,
real open standards (that Microsoft knows nothing about).
The only company not participating is SCO, but they've
been sleeping with Microsoft so long they couldn't write
a stable operating system to save their lives.

On Linux you can get the GREAT Caldera desktop..heheh
sorry, no Dos 95 version. Aw shucks.

Face it Microsoftie, you're sitting
on a little island with your box of plastic toys and
bells & whistles. The rest of the computer world is
doing better things... a lot better than lining up at
midnight like a lemming waiting for your turn to jump
off the cliff.