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10 December, 1993
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SECTION 1: Education and Schooling

  1. Have you ever taken a "higher" math course? (Trig, Calculus)
    • the college level?
    • ...and received an A (3.7 grade point)?
  2. Are you still capable of doing what you learned in the course of #1?
  3. Have you ever taken a science course? (Biology, Physics, Chemistry)
    • the college level?
    • ...and received an A (3.7 grade point)?
  4. Are you still capable of doing what you learned in the course of #5?
  5. Have you ever majored in the "hard sciences"? (engineering, physics chemistry, etc. but excluding psychology, economics, etc.)
  6. Have you ever taken Latin?
  7. Have you ever asked a question in lecture?
  8. Have you ever answered a question asked in lecture?
  9. Have you ever corrected a professor in lecture?
  10. Have you ever answered a rhetorical question?
  11. Have you ever given a lecture?
  12. Do you sit in the front row more than 20% of the time?
  13. Have you ever had a "perfect attendance record"?
  14. Have you ever verified an equation in a science text on your own? Credits
  15. Have you ever derived an equation you found in a science text?
    • ...when you didn't have to?
    • ...using other principles? (starting from a different equation than the text did)
  16. Do you take notes in more than one color?
  17. Do you use other props when taking notes? (ruler, compass, protractor)
  18. Have you ever tutored someone else?
  19. Have you ever done homework on a Friday night?
  20. Have you ever pulled an all-nighter?
  21. Have you taken any classes pass/fail just to preserve your GPA?
  22. Have you ever known more about the subject material than the lecturer?
    • ...but continued in the class because you "needed the grade?"
    • ...and had the lecturer admit this fact to you?
  23. Have you ever had an argument with a professor? Credits
  24. Has a lecturer ever referred someone to you as being more knowledgeable? Credits
  25. Did you apply to any college merely for the sake of "seeing if you would get in"? Credits
  26. Was your SAT math more than 300 above your verbal?
  27. Did you score higher than 1200 combined on the SAT?

  28. SECTION 2: Knowledge

  29. Can you count in binary? (up to decimal 10) Correct Answer
  30. Can you count in hexadecimal? (up to decimal 20) Correct Answer
  31. Can you count in Roman numerals? Correct Answer
  32. Do you know Maxwell's equations? (integral or differential form) Correct Answer
  33. Do you know Schrödinger's Equation? Correct Answer
  34. Have you ever solved Schrödinger's Equation?
  35. Do you know the difference between a scalar and a vector? Correct Answer
  36. Do you know the difference between a vector and a tensor? Correct Answer
  37. Do you know the right-hand-rule for cross-products? Correct Answer
  38. Do you know the Latin name (genus and species) for anything? (fruit fly, human being) Correct Answer
  39. Can you understand the owner's manual for electronic equipment?
  40. Can you understand the electronic schematic for electronic equipment?
  41. Do you know what a "reverse Polish notation" calculator is? Correct Answer Credits
  42. Can you name the first nine elements of the periodic table in order? Correct Answer
  43. Can you translate more than half the chemical symbols into the name of the element they represent?
  44. Do you know the wavelengths in the visible spectrum? Correct Answer
  45. Are you bilingual?
    • ...and not an immigrant or child of an immigrant?
  46. Can you briefly outline the biological process that occur due to alcohol when it is consumed by a human?
    • ...while drunk?
  47. Do you know how your car's engine works?
  48. Have you ever interpolated?
  49. Have you ever extrapolated?
  50. Do you know the difference between interpolation and extrapolation? Correct Answer
  51. Have you ever integrated numerically? Credits
    • ...and known the result ahead of time? Credits
    • ...and complained about how slow the computer was? Credits
  52. Have you ever seen or utilized the spherical harmonic functions? Credits
    • ...and found them aesthetically pleasing? Credits
  53. Do you know most of the words to "The Lumberjack Song" by Monty Python? Correct Answer
  54. Do you own an encyclopedia?
  55. Have you ever read an encyclopedia entry that you weren't researching?
  56. Have you ever wanted to know something for no apparent reason? Credits
  57. Have you ever been laughed at for wanting to know something? Credits
  58. Can you program the time on a VCR?
  59. Has anyone ever asked you to program their VCR time for them?
  60. Have you ever used the word "asymptotic"?
  61. Have you ever referred to something as an L.E.D.?
  62. Have you ever referred to a ruler as a "straight-edge"?
  63. Have you ever said "quartz crystal"?
  64. Have you ever called something a "print out" or "hard copy"?
  65. Have you ever referred to a curve/object as hyperbolic, parabolic, etc.?
  66. Do you feel your vocabulary is larger than most people's?
  67. Is your IQ greater than your weight?

    Answer YES if you know what the following acronyms stand for.

  68. ...RADAR? Correct Answer
  69. ...MODEM? Correct Answer
  70. ...RAM? Correct Answer
  71. ...DNA? Correct Answer
  72. ...ATP? Correct Answer
  73. ...NADP? Correct Answer
  74. ...CRT? Correct Answer
  75. ...CRC? Correct Answer
  76. ...STP? Correct Answer
  77. ...NORAD? Correct Answer
  78. ...NASA? Correct Answer
  79. ...MUD? Correct Answer
  80. ...LED? Correct Answer
  81. ...AI? Correct Answer
  82. ...LASER? Correct Answer
  83. ...RPG? Correct Answer
  84. ...TLA? Correct Answer Credits
  85. ...SCUBA? Correct Answer
  86. ...CD? Correct Answer
  87. ...DAT? Correct Answer
  88. ...PINE? Correct Answer
  89. ...JOVE? Correct Answer
  90. Did you not know one of the above, but took a wild guess at in anyway?
  91. Have you ever created an acronym in order to simplify your writing?

    The next few questions deal with physical constants. Mark yes for any that you can give the value (2 or more significant digits) for. Feel free to use whatever internationally-accepted measurement system you like.

  92. gravitational constant? (G) Correct Answer
  93. earth's gravity near the surface? (g) Correct Answer
  94. mass of an electron? Correct Answer
  95. charge of an electron? Correct Answer
  96. speed of light in vacuum? Correct Answer
  97. speed of sound at STP? Correct Answer
  98. Planck's constant? (h or h-bar) Correct Answer
  99. permittivity of free space? (epsilon naught) Correct Answer
  100. permeability of free space? (mu naught) Correct Answer
  101. Avogadro's number? Correct Answer
  102. molar gas constant? Correct Answer
  103. pi? (exception: must know more than 5 digits) Correct Answer
  104. Mark this true if you are presently the person knowing the most digits of pi in the room. Credits
  105. e? (exception: must know more than 5 digits) Correct Answer

    Can you give the conversion factor between... (2 or more sig. digits)

  106. centimeters and inches? Correct Answer
  107. kilometers and statute miles? Correct Answer
  108. joules and electron-volts? Correct Answer
  109. atomic mass units and kilograms? Correct Answer
  110. celsius and Kelvin? Correct Answer
  111. celsius and Fahrenheit? Correct Answer
  112. meters and Astronomical Units (AU)? Correct Answer
  113. AU and light years? Correct Answer
  114. light years and parsecs? Correct Answer
  115. If while answering any question in this section, you said someone else's answer was wrong and were right, mark this question true. (e.g. "you nob! Pi isn't 3.14259. It's 3.14159!")
  116. If while answering any question in this section, you checked a reference book to find out the correct answer, mark this question true. (e.g. "AARRGGH! What's that last R in radar stand for?")

    SECTION 3: Computers

  117. Have you ever used a computer?
    • ...for more than 4 hours continuously?
    • ...for more than 8 hours continuously?
    • ...past 4 a.m.?
    • a source of income?
    • ...on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the same weekend?
    • ...with someone you were physically attracted toward?
      • ...for money?
    • the last 24 hours?
    • the last half hour?
    • a source of entertainment? (computer game)
      • the last three months?
      • the last three weeks?
  118. Have you ever programmed a computer?
    • write a computer game?
    • write a computer virus?
    • write a shell script?
  119. Do you still own any computer with less than 512k of RAM? (e.g. Commodore 64, Apple II +/e/c, TRS 80, ad infinitum)
    • ...that is still in working condition?
    • ...and still buy software for it? Credits
  120. Do you own more than one computer with at least a megabyte of RAM?
  121. Do you own any computer which would be classified as a workstation? Credits
  122. Have you ever taken your computer on vacation with you?
  123. Have you ever lost sleep over a computer game? Credits

    Have you ever used a ...

  124. mouse? Credits
  125. hard disk drive?
  126. light-pen?
  127. computer with a touch sensitive monitor?
  128. track-ball?
    • ...for something other than a video game?
  129. Dvorak keyboard? (as opposed to QWERTY)
  130. modem?
  131. Have you ever seen a magnetic tape reel? Credits
  132. Have you ever mounted a magnetic tape reel? Credits
  133. Have you ever seen a computer punch card? Credits
  134. Have you ever programmed using punch cards? Credits
  135. Are you still capable of programming with punch cards? Credits
  136. Do you have any "pirated" software? (i.e. second-hand copywritten)
  137. Do you have any "public-domain" software?
  138. Do you have any "shareware"? (i.e. software author requests a fee be sent to them for its use)
  139. Do you currently own a modem capable of 14.4kbs or faster? Credits
  140. Do you still own any modem whose top speed is 370 baud or less? Credits
  141. Have you ever telnet'ed from one computer system to another?
    • gain access to a system you had no authorization on?
    • call a government computer? (NASA, FBI, NORAD, etc.)
    • call a research institution? (CERN, JPL, etc.)
    • ...where the other machine was outside of your native country? Credits
  142. Do you have an electronic mail address? Credits
    • ...more than one E-mail address? Credits
  143. Have you ever sent E-mail? Credits
    • someone who was in the same room as you at the time? Credits
    • ...with a .sig file appended to the end of it? Credits
  144. Have you ever set up and run a mailing list for E-mail? Credits
  145. Do you receive more E-mail than you send? Credits
  146. Have you ever FTP'd?
    • ...anonymously?
  147. Have you ever uploaded?
  148. Have you ever downloaded?
  149. Have you ever multi-tasked? (ran 2+ applications concurrently)
  150. Have you ever set up a kill file?
    • ...that does more than simply 'kill'?
  151. Do you have a .plan or similar file for when people finger you?
  152. Have you set up a or similar file for auto-execution on logging unto a computer system? (autoexec.bat,
  153. Do you use alias/batch commands to standardize your OS? (e.g. alias dir ls) Credits
  154. Have you ever read the postings on USENET? Credits
  155. Have you posted to USENET? Credits
      • ...from someone you knew outside of the net? Credits
  156. Have you ever posted to...

  157. ...a science fiction news group? (rec.arts.sf) Credits
  158. ...a sex news group? ( Credits
  159. Credits
  160. ...rec.humor? Credits
  161. ...a sci. or science-related news group? Credits
  162. Have you ever written a FAQ for a USENET news group? Credits
  163. Have you ever run a vote for a USENET news group? Credits
  164. Have you ever moderated a USENET news group? Credits
  165. Have you played any MUD's, MUSH's or other multi-user games? Credits
  166. Do you consistently play more than one MUD, MUSH, etc.? Credits
  167. Are you a "wizard/implementor/immortal" on any MUD's, MUSH's, etc.? Credits
  168. Do you have GIF files as wallpaper? Credits
  169. Is part of your desk space devoted to your computer?
  170. Have you ever built a computer?
    • ...from chips?
  171. Do you have a favorite computer language? Credits
    • ...that you've had to defend in verbal debate? Credits

    Which of the following computer languages do you know...

  172. ...BASIC?
  173. ...PASCAL?
  174. ...FORTRAN?
  175. ...assembly language?
  176. ...C?
  177. Have you ever forgotten a person's name but not their E-mail address?
  178. Do you know more computer addresses than street addresses?
  179. Do you tend to remember the IP numbers instead of the alpha address for computer sites? ( vs. Credits
  180. Do you find that you type more often than you write longhand? Credits
  181. Have you ever forgotten how to write longhand? Credits
  182. Have you ever used computer symbology elsewhere? (goto, *, etc.)
  183. Have you ever spoken Internet-ese? (btw, imho, :), brb, afk)
  184. Have you ever blown off doing something you were supposed to do in order to work on the computer?
  185. Have you ever felt jealous of someone merely because they owned a better computer system than you? Credits

    SECTION 4: Possessions

  186. Do you frequently find yourself with more plugs than outlets?
  187. Do you currently own a can of WD-40?
  188. Do you currently own a can of compressed air?
  189. Do you have a personal copy of any version of the Nerdity Test?
    • space allocated to you on a computer system?
  190. Have you ever owned a light saber (Star Wars)?
    • ...that wasn't made of plastic?
  191. Do you own an 8-track tape player or any 8-track tapes? Credits
  192. Do you own an almanac? (World, Farmer's)
  193. Do you own an atlas?
  194. Do you own a globe?
    • ...and have it on display? (on a desk, bookshelf...)
    • ...that has bumps corresponding to mountain ranges?
    • ...that lights up?
  195. Do you own any "maps of the ancient world"?
    • ...and have them on display?
  196. Do you have any "mathematical" artwork? (Escher, fractals)
  197. Have you ever faxed something?
  198. Have you ever received a fax?
  199. Do you own a cellular phone? (car phone)
  200. Do you own a non-standard calculator? (scientific, programmable)
  201. Do you own a "reverse Polish notation" calculator? Credits
  202. Do you own a slide rule?
    • ...and know how to use it?
  203. Other than a thermometer, do you own any meteorological equipment?
  204. Do you own any orienteering equipment? (compass, sextant, etc.)
  205. Do you own a pencil case?
  206. Do you own any mechanical pencil?
    • ...and have refills for it?
  207. Do you own an electric pencil sharpener?
  208. Do you own a laboratory notebook?
  209. Do you own any graph paper? (quad-ruled)
  210. Do you own any log or semi-log paper?
  211. Do you own a table of integrals?
  212. Have you ever stolen scientific (radiation, biohazard) warnings for personal use? Credits

    SECTION 5: Leisure Time

  213. Have you ever taken something apart?
    • ...and put it back together correctly?
      • ...without worrying about voiding the warranty?
  214. Do friends and/or family ask you to fix things? Credits
  215. Do friends and/or family ask to borrow your tools?
    • ...because you are the only person they know who OWNS that tool?
  216. Have you ever put something together without reference to the assembly instructions?
  217. Have you ever bought something primarily for the pleasure of taking it apart to "see how it works"?
  218. Have you ever rewired something?
  219. Have you ever played a non-sexual role-playing game? (D&D)
    • ...since leaving high school?
  220. Have you ever been to a RPG convention? (GenCON, etc.
    • the last six months?
  221. Have you ever taken a "self-help" test? Credits
  222. Do you derive perverse pleasure from self-help tests? Credits
  223. Do you ever lord your scores on such tests over people around you? Credits
  224. Have you ever dissected something?
    • ...while not involved in a biology class?
  225. Do you play chess?
  226. Were you ever on a chess team?
    • ...on a math team?
    • ...on a debate team?
    • ...on a "trivia" team? (college bowl, JEOPARDY)
    • ...the captain for any of the teams listed above?
    • ...the coach for any of the teams listed above?
  227. Did you ever join one of the above teams for the purpose of picking up members of the opposite sex?
  228. Were you ever in a science fair?
    • ...that you placed in the top three?
  229. Are you a member of Mensa?
  230. Have you ever made a technical joke?
    • the last week?
    • ...that no one around you understood?
      • ...and you found yourself trying to explain it? Credits
    • ...that everyone around you understood?
      • ...but their reason for laughing was not yours?

    SECTION 6: Leisure Time - Nerd Toys

  231. Have you ever bought something from Radio Shack?
  232. Do you know what an oscilloscope does?
  233. Have you ever used an oscilloscope?
  234. Do you own an oscilloscope?
  235. Have you ever used a microscope?
  236. Do you own a microscope?
  237. Have you ever used a telescope?
    • ...not for peering through someone's bedroom window?
  238. Do you own a voltmeter?
  239. Do you own any remote controlled vehicles?
  240. Do you own a CB radio?
  241. Have you ever had an amateur radio license? Credits
  242. Do you still have an amateur radio license? Credits
  243. Have you ever had an extra-class amateur radio license? Credits
  244. Have you ever used a chemistry set?
    • ...since the age of 13?
  245. Have you ever used a rare earth element?
  246. Do you own a slinky?
  247. Does a slinky make you think about oscillations?
  248. Do you own a Rubik's cube?
  249. Are you able to solve Rubik's Cube?
    • ...without using the book?
    • less than two minutes?
  250. Have you ever tried to calculate the number of possible permutations a Rubik's Cube can have?

    SECTION 7: Leisure Time - TV and Movies

  251. Do you watch more than 4 hours of TV on any given day of the week?
  252. Can you name more than 5 shows on PBS, A&E, the Discovery or the History Channel?
  253. Have you ever watched a PBS documentary?
  254. Have you ever watched more than 5 consecutive minutes of C-Span while they were broadcasting unedited government procedures? (e.g. covering a vote in Congress, special committee, etc.)

    Have you ever watched a complete episode of...

  255. ...Dr. Who?
  256. ...Battlestar Galactica?
  257. ...Space: 1999?
  258. ...Starblazers? (cartoon about the WWII battleship flying through space) Credits
  259. Have you ever watched a TV or movie and said: "that's physically impossible (due to Newton's xth law, etc.) ?"

    Can you whistle, hum, sing or snap the theme songs to...

  260. ...Gilligan's Island?
  261. ...Flintstones?
  262. ...The Brady Bunch?
  263. ...The Jetson's?
  264. ...The Addam's Family?
  265. ...Dobie Gillis?
  266. ...I Dream of Jeannie?
  267. Have you ever seen any of the "Revenge of The Nerd" movies more than once? Credits
  268. Have you seen all of the Star Wars movies?
    • one 24 hour period?

    SECTION 8: Leisure Time - Books and Magazines

    Have you ever read anything by...

  269. ...Douglas Adams?
  270. ...Isaac Asimov?
  271. ...Arthur C. Clarke?
  272. ...Robert A. Heinlein?
  273. ...Piers Anthony?
  274. ...J.R.R. Tolkien?
  275. ...TSR Hobbies? (i.e. a novel published by the D&D people)
  276. ...Richard Feynman? (e.g. his lectures, etc.) Credits
  277. ...Stephen Hawking?
  278. ...Carl Sagan?
  279. Have you ever read -Cultural-Literacy- or any other book on "what you, as an intelligent person, should know"?
  280. Have you ever read -Innumeracy- or any other book about mathematics made popular?
  281. Do you read books on a daily basis?
  282. Have you finished a book in the last week?
  283. Have you finished more than one book in the last week?
  284. Have you ever bought a book of crossword puzzles/logic problems?
  285. Do you read archaic computer manuals for pleasure? Credits

    Do you have magazine subscriptions to...

  286. ...Popular Mechanics?
  287. ...Popular Science?
  288. ...Omni?
  289. ...Scientific America?
  290. ...any computer oriented magazine? (MacWorld, PCWorld, etc.)
  291. ...Computer Gaming World (or similar)? Credits
  292. ...Discover?
  293. ...any medical journals? (New England Journal of Medicine)
  294. ...any science periodicals?
  295. ...National Geographic?
  296. ...any comic book or "graphic novel"? (X-Men, Superman, Heavy Metal)

    SECTION 9: Star Trek

  297. Can you name or discuss the plots of more than 10 Star Trek episodes?
  298. Have you seen all of the Star Trek films?
    • one 48 hour period?
  299. Do you refer to the various "Treks" as "TOS" (The Original Series), "TNG" (The Next Generation) and "DS9" (Deep Space 9) or similar? Credits
  300. Have you ever argued with someone over which "Trek" is better?
  301. Have you ever argued over who was a better commander of the Enterprise?
  302. Have you ever felt the urge to learn the Klingon language?
  303. Have you ever been to a trek convention?
    • the last six months?
  304. Have you ever owned a pair of Spock ears (Star Trek)?
    • ...and worn them in public?

    SECTION 10: Clothing and Apparel

  305. Are your socks unmatched?
  306. Do you own a digital watch?
    • ...that plays music?
    • ...that's currently set to chime on the hour?
    • ...that has a calculator built in?
  307. Do you own a pocket protector?
    • ...and are you wearing it?
  308. Do you have acne?
  309. Do you have greasy hair?
    • ...without realizing it?
  310. Do you own any clothing with scientific knowledge printed on it? (e.g. t-shirts with Maxwell's equations) Credits
    • ...which you still wear from time to time? Credits
  311. Have you ever worn a radiation film badge? Credits
    • ...while not in the laboratory? Credits
    • ...and described what it was to someone, who then backed away in fear? Credits
  312. Are your pants too short?
  313. Does your underwear have your name in it? Credits
  314. Is your outfit uncoordinated? (have someone else evaluate this)
  315. Have you ever worn a button-down shirt and left the tails hanging out?
  316. Have you ever bought similar looking shirts/pants in order to save time when dressing because "everything goes together"?
  317. Do you wear glasses?
    • ...held together by adhesives? (tape, glue, boogers) Credits
  318. Is your vision worse than 20/40? (in either eye)
  319. Is your vision worse than 20/80? (in either eye)
  320. Are you legally blind? (in either eye) (strange, I don't recall writing a Braille edition...)

    SECTION 11: Personality and Lifestyle

  321. Have you ever slept an inverted day? (sleep at dawn, wake at dusk) Credits
    • ...for more than one day in a row? Credits
  322. Have you ever slept round the clock? (24 continuous hours in bed) Credits

    Which of the following have you used to prevent sleep...

  323. ...Caffeine?
  324. ...exercise?
  325. ...Vivarin?
  326. ...NoDoz?
  327. ...something you made in chem. lab?
  328. ...something you found in chem. lab?
  329. Have you worked for an engineering or manufacturing firm?
    • the last 3 months?
    • ...and gotten credit at a school for doing so?
  330. Have you worked in a research lab?
    • ...and been more interested in the work than the pay?
  331. Have you ever visited a power plant? (Hoover Dam, nuclear plant, etc.)
    • ...and not been bored?
  332. Are you socially inept?
  333. Was the last naked person you saw a hi-res computer scan? Credits
  334. Do you talk to yourself?
    • ...when other people are around?
  335. Do you talk to imaginary people?
    • they talk back?
    • they seem to be more/less intelligent than you?
  336. Do you have a tough time remembering people's names?
    • ...but no trouble with their numeric data? (phone#, SS#)
  337. Have you ever played mathematical games with other numbers you see to pass the time? (square/cube root, prime factors of phone#) Credits
  338. Do you see everyday situations as representing mathematical concepts? Credits
  339. Do you look at quantitative factors when participating in social events? (ex: choosing drinks by % alcohol rather than taste) Credits
  340. Mark this true if you did NOT go to your senior prom.
  341. Did you go stag to your Senior Prom?
  342. Have you ever found a grammatical error in a published book?
  343. Have you ever quoted a piece of literature from memory? (poem, quote)
  344. Have you ever eaten pizza cold?
    • you like it that way?
    • ...because you're too lazy to reheat it?
  345. Have you ever gotten pizza delivered to the lab/office/science building?
  346. Is any leftover delivery food currently residing in your refrigerator?
    • ...that's been there so long, you can't remember ordering it?
    • ...that's been there so long, it's become mobile/sentient?
  347. Is any food in your refrigerator moldy?
  348. Have you ever commented on the lack of intellectual ability found in a "JEOPARDY" contestant? Credits
  349. Have you ever contemplated the meaning of life/existence of God?
    • ...while not drunk?
    • ...while alone?
  350. Have you ever thought about extra dimensions/parallel universes?
    • ...and discussed their possibilities with others?
  351. Have you come to any conclusions about UFO's/life on other planets?
    • ...and used Time-Life's "Mysteries of the Unknown" series as a factual reference to support your claim?
  352. Have you ever commented: "If I drive fast enough at the red light, it'll appear green."
  353. Have you ever found yourself discussing one of the popular scientific theories of the day with someone you just met? (cold fusion) Credits
    • ...did they bring it up because they thought you incapable of talking about non-technical topics? Credits
  354. Have you ever taken part in an experiment to prove/disprove one of the popular scientific theories of the day? (cold fusion, big bang) Credits
  355. Have you ever thought about reviving the dead? (Frankenstein)
    • ...for sexual purposes?
    • ...and had some degree of success?
      • ...but been laughed at by a leading medical institution?
  356. Have you ever given an inanimate object a name? (inc.: stuffed animal)
    • Was the object something electronic or mechanical?
    • Did the object also have a "personality"?
  357. Have you ever compared and contrasted two scientists? (Einstein vs. Newton, etc.) Credits
  358. Have you ever argued with someone else over which of two scientists was better?
  359. Have you ever argued with someone over which of two computer types/OS's is better? (Macintosh vs. IBM, UNIX vs. VMS)
  360. Have you ever laughed out loud at a joke written in a serious scientific paper? (Feynman's lectures, textbook) Credits
  361. Has anyone ever called you a geek/nerd?
    • the last two weeks?
    • ...for doing/saying something you knew to be geeky?
  362. Have you ever intentionally done something that you consider geeky?
    • the last month?

    SECTION 12: The Nerdity Test

  363. Are you taking this test alone?
  364. Are you currently reading this test on a computer screen?
  365. Are you planning to double-check your answers to this test?
  366. Do you feel the need (or are you currently using) a calculator to score the test? Credits
  367. Are you computing your score in scientific notation? Credits
  368. Have you contemplated writing a computer program that would ask and/or tabulate questions found on this test?
  369. Are you currently scoring this test in reverse? (i.e. Assuming 100% nerd and deducting for each 'no'?) Credits
  370. Have you come across copies of this test from two separate sources?
  371. If you are still reading this test, do you really need a test score to prove you are a nerd? Credits
  372. Is your Nerdity Quotient higher than your purity test score?
  373. Did you feel offended by any of the questions on this test? Credits
  374. Did you resort to lying in order to raise your score? Credits
  375. Did you resort to lying in order to lower your score? Credits
  376. Are you currently competing with someone else for the highest score on this test (or were contemplating it)? Credits
    • ...did you come up second best and challenge them to a rematch? Credits
  377. Have you asked for a technical clarification of anything on this test?
  378. Have you ever thought of a question that belongs on this test?

Please put your pencils down. That's it, hope you enjoyed.

    0 - 20.99Nerd-in-Training
    21 - 35.99Nerd-wannabe
    36 - 50.99Closet nerd
    51 - 60.99Your social life needs some serious help
    61 - 70.99YOU need some serious help
    71 - 80.99Your best friend is a microchip
    81 - 90.99"Revenge of the Nerds" poster-child
    91 - 99.99Move over, Einstein
    100Hail, O Nerd Master, virgin sliderules I sacrifice unto you

This version compiled by yours truly: Jeffrey Bennett.

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