Sanity Test

The following test will provide you with an evaluation of your sanity. Please check the boxes for the questions you would answer yes to.


Have you ever...
  1. Walked down the middle of the road with a shoe on your head?
  2. Screamed at your feet?
  3. Talked to plants?
  4. Sat down on the yellow line in the middle of the road?
  5. Eaten ice cream with a fork? (Doesn't count if eaten with cake)
  6. Consumed gasoline?
  7. Tripped someone in the street?
  8. Been mad at someone for something you dreamed?
  9. Invented a game because you were bored?
  10. Played truth or dare?
  11. Done something that wasn't nice but it was funny?
  12. Told a cop, "(S)he's just sleeping it off"?
  13. Annoyed a cop? (Officer Mitchel, I thought you said you didn't want to come back here.)
  14. Ate lunch with a cop?
  15. Been obsessed with someone you'd never met? (actor, actress, singer, etc>)
  16. Been obsessed with someone you didn't have a chance with? (Homecoming queen, football captain, etc.)
  17. Gone mini-golfing?
  18. Made something up and insisted on it so much that you started believing it yourself?
  19. Owned a spork?
  20. Dressed like a character in a movie you were going to see? (eg. Darth Vader for Star Wars)
  21. Gone to a 24-hour store late at night or in the wee hours of the morning because you have nothing better to do?
  22. Been in a water fight?
  23. Been in band?
  24. Chewed on something unusual? (paper, cardboard, clothing, electrical wire)
  25. Tickled someone just to make them squirm?
  26. Created a nickname for someone?
  27. Played with your food?
  28. Slept all night on the floor/couch/where ever you happened to crash?
  29. Not slept all night?
  30. Had a shoe fight?
  31. Responded to something trivial with violence
  32. Been in a non-ventilated area filled with substances that should be well-ventilated?
  33. Used Jello for any reason other than eating it?
  34. Eaten something when you didn't know what it was? (Cafeteria food counts.)
  35. Eaten something when you didn't know where it had been? (Cafeteria food counts.)
  36. Sang anything really loud in public? (Not for a concert or recital.)
  37. Given yourself a swirlie?
  38. Colored your hair?
  39. Been mistaken for a member of the opposite sex?
  40. Stayed awake and payed attention to one of Mr./Mrs. ________'s lectures? (Fill in as appropriate)
  41. Laced someone's shoes together?
  42. Wanted the bad guy to win?
  43. Streaked?
  44. Walked in the snow barefoot?
  45. Played hide-and-seek in a store?
  46. Made animal noises really loud in public?
  47. Not noticed when someone wouldn't talk to you for an extended period of time?
  48. Yelled at the voices in your head in public?
  49. Named the voices in your head?
  50. Written a sanity test/purity test/drug test, etc.?
  51. Had someone else play with your food?
  52. Dressed like a member of the opposite sex?
  53. Screamed at strangers?
  54. Plotted someone's demise?
  55. Talked in the third person?

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