Variants of Mafia Rules


The logistics of this character were developed by Morten Koster. The Prostitute is a less powerful version of the angel. The prostitute "visits" one person per night, and finds out if that person is Mafia (i.e. whether that person left his bed to kill during the night). However, the Mafia, after they select their victim each night, select a second victim-- to blackmail. If they choose the same person chosen by the prostitute, that person's vote does not count the next day, although this is not publically announced. Instead, if it is the crucial vote to convict, the moderator will only say, "The vote fails due to blackmail." The moderator may or may not announce at the beginning of the day whether someone was blackmailed; however, he should be consistent.

Note - This role came about the same way as the Masons. Matt Hindman asked one female alleged Mafia member, "Are you a woman of the night?" Immediately, several folks around the table yelled, "A new character!"

We tried this role on 1/21/99. Only one person was successfully blackmailed, and her vote didn't clinch the conviction that round. The prostitute functioned essentially as an angel.

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