Variants of Mafia Rules


The Governor is an ordinary Civilian who may issue a "stay of execution" to save anyone who is being convicted during the day.

This may be implemented one of two ways:

  • In the original form, the Governor calls out to preevnt a lynching. Alternatively, the moderator may ask directly after a vote has been taken if the governor wishes to come forward and issue a stay. Note that after this has been done, the identity of the Governor is now public.
  • In a variant, persons who are executed do not flip thier cards over immediately; this is because executions occur at midnight. The governor is awakened during the night and asked whether he wishes to grant a stay of execution. This method keeps the identity of the governor secret.

    Unless otherwise determined by the moderator, the following rules apply:

  • The one lynching per day rule includes persons who are saved by a stay.
  • The governor may issue only one stay on any individual. If the individual is placed on trial again, the governor is helpless to act.
  • The governor may not issue a stay on his own execution.

    Note-- This variant was recommended to us by Charles Stokes of Samford University. We introduced the role on 6/24/99 and it was a great success.

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