Greg's Microsoft FAQ


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Table of contents :

Section 1: General information
1.1 Where can you find this FAQ.
1.2 Reproducing this FAQ.
1.3 Why I created this FAQ
Section 2: Why Micro$oft is an evil company
2.1 The undocumented interfaces
2.1.1 DOS function 52h.
2.1.2 The AARD code in Windows 3.1
2.2 Microsoft Crapware
2.2.1 The Visual C++ Bugware
2.2.2 Protect my privacy! (The Registration Wizard in Windoze 95)
2.2.3 The DoubleSpace story
2.3 Microsoft Piracy
2.3.1 DoubleSpace again
2.3.2 The QuickTime story
2.3.3 The Windows95 License Agreement
2.4 Microsoft Vapourware
2.4.1 Microsoft Windows NT.
2.4.2 Microsoft Windows 95
2.4.3 WinPad
2.4.4 Cairo.
Section 3: What we should do with Microsoft ?
3.1 Use alternative OS
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