Variants of Mafia Rules

Mafia and Werewolves

This is a particularly complicated game, recommended for advanced players only, and for a group of about 20 (at least). Play with a full contingent of two mafia, an angel, an archangel, a bulletproof vest, and a devil. Also, the village will be attacked by werewolves (see above). There will be two werewolves; a seer will be the analogue of the angel, a wizard will be the analogue of the archangel, wolfsbane will be the analogue of a bulletproof vest, and a wizard will be the analogue of the devil. Note that the mafia and werewolves are in competition. The angel can only ask about mafia; the seer can only ask about werewolves. The sorcerer can protect only against werewolf attack, and the archangel can protect only against mafia attack. The bulletproof vest doesn't protect the owner against werewolves, etc. You may even want to throw in a magistrate for good luck. If this game turns out to be unbalanced, then adjust the parameters accordingly.

Note - This variant was performed with great success on November 12, 1998, although we made the following substitions: Instead of two mafia and a devil, we had three mafia, and instead of two werewolves and a wizard, we had three werewolves. We also combined this game with the variant in which the angel and seer had a one-turn lead.

The game was extremely enjoyable, with several memorable moments. At one point, the sole remaining mafia member begged mercy after he had been found out-- if the civilians would spare his life, he would help them kill werewolves. The civilians rejected this argument and lynched him.

The game requires a skilled moderator and some patience.

It ended with a tie-- the wolfsbane and one werewolf were left.

Here's a distinctly disturbing variant: combine this with the variant in which the identities of the dead are not revealed and you have a perfect recipe for a confusing mess.

Frightened moderators should consult the Mafia vs. Werewolves Table of Roles.

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