Variants of Mafia Rules


This is a suggestion by Adrian Banner. One civilian could be a vampire, who, upon being killed, is immediately (but only once) reborn as a member of the mafia.

There are several logistical problems associated with this variant, mainly dealing with the fact that the identity of the vampire would be obvious when he came back to life. However, if this were combined with a variant in which resurrections were already going on, it may pass unnoticed.

Mr. Banner has also suggested that the vampire be able to choose on which turn to return to life; this could further confuse issues.

Note also that this game must be played with the variant in which the identities of the dead are kept secret so that the vampire is not known after his first death.

Alternatively, the vampire could be a regular civilian who switches sides upon being killed by the mafia at night, but dies a normal death during the day. The vampire would be on the side of the civilians until killed by the mafia. Then, the moderator would politely announce that noone was killed during the night, or possibly even announce that noone was killed during the night, but there was a vampire sighting. From this point on, the vampire only wins if the mafia win. Note that, if unconverted, the vampire wins when the civilians win. Note also that the civilians will not know how many mafia there are unless the moderator announces the vampire sighting as noted above.

This role could be incorporated into the game of Mafia vs. Werewolves with an accompanying role for the Werewolf side, perhaps a demon? If combined with the role of Magistrate, then the moderator could simply announce after the Vampire is lynched, "Your lynching failed." The civilians would not know whether the lynchee was a Vampire or someone under the protection of the Magistrate.

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