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NG tube-quirt


NG tube

Nasogastric tube.

nasogastric tube

NG tube. Sterile rubber or polythene tube used in hospitals for direct access to the stomach via the nose for feeding or pumping. Used in control-type scenes for force feeding and the giving of fluids. They are considered a safer and more comfortable alternative to orogastric tubes, which access the stomach via the mouth. For procedures see the Briefing.


With the variety of activities that come under the rubric of BDSM, the huge variation in individuals' limits and the importance of consent, a good deal of open, honest negotiation before a scene is vital. There are various ways to make this process fun as well -- we hope to be covering this in future. For the moment see the notes on Negotiations and Limits in the Ethics Sourcesheet.


See poppers.


The usual term for someone new either to BDSM as a whole or to a particular activity. Very few people come out onto the scene with no experience at all -- most have experimented on themselves or perhaps persuaded vanilla partners to indulge some of their desires -- but nonetheless a good top will take a different approach to a novice bottom than to an experienced one, and for successful negotiation should be honest about their levels of experience. A sourcesheet giving advice to novices is forthcoming.


Piercing through the back of the neck -- see the Piercing Glossary.


The surgical removal of an external part of the body, as in castration.
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oral sex

Any sex involving contact between mouth and arsehole (see rimming), cock (see fellatio) or cunt (see cunnilingus. All these were once considered perversions, but are now vanilla activities that frequently arise in a BDSM context too. Hygiene precautions should be observed with all of them -- see safer sex.


The surgical removal of the testicles -- see castration.

orogastric tube

A tube from mouth to stomach -- see force feeding and nasogastric tube.


The surgical removal of the ovaries -- see castration.
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Prince Albert.


Power Exchange.

paddle, paddling

A flat instrument for striking the body with, particularly the buttocks; using such an implement, which effectively imitates the effect of the flat of the palm in spanking. See What to Use: Paddles in The Flagellation Reference.


The familiar piece of household security equipment consisting of a lockable metal clip is sometimes used as a means of securing in bondage. See What to Use: Padlocks and Clips in The Bondage Reference.


Pain is, in broad terms, the body's warning that something is wrong, but our pain responses are very complex and it is very easy to produce the effect of pain without doing any real harm; the pain threshold, at which a stimulus crosses the boundary between intense sensation and pain, is also a grey area in terms of our perception, and can vary according to context.

SM is associated in most people's minds with potentially painful activities, sometimes referred to as paingames (for example various kinds of flagellation or torture), and it is true that some people directly enjoy, or at least get some other kind of satisfaction out of, intense physical sensation. Most of this, however, is on rather than decidedly over the pain threshold, and some of the satisfaction may be attributable to the release of body chemicals such as endorphins. And there are other aspects of SM: most players' interests are a mixture of the physical aspects and the psychological dynamics of domination and submission, and some play with hardly any physical pain at all. Those for whom the interest in pain predominates are sometimes referred to as sadists and masochists rather than dominants and submissives.

See the Pain Sourcesheet and under Pain in the Boundaries section of the Dynamics and Definitons sourcesheet for further discussion.

pain threshold

The point of intensity at which stimulation becomes pain -- see pain.

painful bondage

Specialist form of severe bondage which is carried out not just for restraint but to inflict pain by fastening the body into positions that place strain on the muscles. A section of the The Bondage Practical is in preparation on this topic.


SM activities involving pain.

panic snap

A metal clip shaped like a wedge with a hinged section down the side that snaps into place, very useful as fastening in bondage. See What to Use: Padlocks and Clips in The Bondage Reference.


All-encompassing sexuality, disregarding gender differences and, sometimes, preferences for particular activities. Could be used of a person, in which case it suggests a wide interest in all forms of sex with partners of any gender. Much more commonly used of a community: some people have argued for the pansexuality of the BDSM community. Alternatively pansexual can mean simply pertaining to all sexes and sexual orientations: for example, this Deviants' Dictionary is a pansexual project because it aims to address the BDSM interests of any combination of male and female, heterosexual and homosexual and top and bottom. For some personal thoughts by Slakker, see the section in the Dynamics and Definitions Sourcesheet.


A toy shaped like a shallow cone, usually of leather or neoprene, with a hole in the centre and chains or cords hanging from around the rim and joined together belief, slightly resembling a parachute, and use for weighting the balls by resting the parachute on them with the scrotum passing up through the hole and hanging weights from the chains. See What to Use in The Ball Torture Briefing.


The surgical removal of the penis -- see castration.

penile sheath

See sheath.

percussion play

Term used by some SMers to group together all activities involving repeated striking, with the hands or with any heavy or light, blunt, cutting or stinging implement. See The Flagellation Reference and entries on spanking, punching, kicking.

permanent piercing

Piercing the body in order to insert jewellery that is intended to be worn on at least a semi-permanent basis, as opposed to play or temporary piercing -- see piercing.


Term coined by David Stein and now used widely to describe objects intended for some non-sexual use, especially everyday household objects, that can nonetheless be appropriated for BDSM play. Typical pervertibles are clothespegs, clingfilm, household candles (see temperature play), and wooden spoons and spatulas that can be used as improvised paddles. A comprehensive list of pervertibles is in preparation. The word is sometimes seen spelt pervertable but after some correspondence with Mr Stein, including copious citation of Latin derivational affixes, we have settled on the spelling given above by analogy with 'convertible'.

petticoat discipline

Making a boy dress up as a girl to punish him by humiliation, as was apparently carried out in Scotland by making boys wear a kilt without a sporran -- see cross dressing.


Any activity that involves piercing the body with a thin, sharp object such as a needle. There are two basic types: permanent piercing, sometimes called ringing, and play or temporary piercing.

Permanent piercing is carried out with a relatively thick needle in order to insert jewellery which is then worn on at least a semi-permanent basis. For more information see the Permanent Piercing Factsheet.

Play piercing is carried out for the experience of the piercing itself, the sensation of which can vary between barely noticeable and excruciating depending on where and how it is done. Thinner needles are used and are removed before the end of the session. For more information see the Play Piercing Factsheet.

pile hitch

Knot for tethering rope to a pile or peg, that tightens as it is pulled. See the Knots Sourcesheet.


The sexual enjoyment of piss (urine) is officially known as urolagnia, and sometimes referred to as golden showers (GS), water sports (WS) or yellow (the colour used to indicate piss in the hanky code). Someone who likes drinking piss might describe themselves as thirsty. Fascination with piss is fairly common: it may be enjoyed for its own sake, but in a BDSM context it can be part of a degradation or humiliation scene.

Fresh piss is generally sterile and safe to play with and to drink, and indeed the constant flushing with piss is the reason why certain genital piercings heal so rapidly, but there are exceptions. An infection in the bladder, prostate or urethra can contaminate piss -- if you have one of these you will know about it because you will experience discomfort when you piss. And infections and trauma in the area, such as can be caused by the use of catheters and sounds, can enable traces of blood to find their way into piss, which can carry viral infections like HIV and Hepatitis. Piss is fine on unbroken skins, but be careful on cuts and abrasions, and in the mouth if there are abrasions where viruses could find their way in before being destroyed by stomach acids: avoid both if there is or has recently been a bacterial infection. Piss enemas and the exchanging of piss between bladders via catheters are risky because of possibility of cross infection and the skin trauma involved.

A more comprehensive section on piss play is planned.

play piercing

Piercing the body for the experience of the piercing itself, with needles that are removed before the end of the session, as opposed to permanent piercing -- see piercing.


Room designed specifically for SM sex, perhaps equipped with large items such as racks and crosses and with certain room modifications to faciliate bondage, a water supply and toilet and storage for various toys. Sometimes called a blackroom although by no means always painted black; can also be known melodramatically as a dungeon, which perhaps suggests a venue for heavier or more leathery scenes.

Some suggestions for designing and stocking playrooms are in preparation. See also What to Use: Room Modifications in the Bondage Factsheet.


Common name for amyl (or alkyl, butyl or propyl) nitrite, also known as aromas. These are volatile compounds whose vapours cause temporarily increased heart and breathing rates, muscle relaxation and a characteristic 'rushing' feeling in the head. Popular on the gay and rave scenes and often used in an SM context as disinhibitor, muscle relaxant and means of raising limits. There are some dangers associated with their use but claims of serious consequences to the health are largely unsubstantiated. See the discussion in the Drugs Sourcesheet.

power exchange

PE. A term used by some people to refer to what happens in a BDSM scene when the bottom agrees to be submissive and/or gives up control to the top. Also sometimes identified as the defining characteristic of SM, which has been described as 'a form of eroticism based on a consensual exchange of power' (Samois 1982). More on this not entirely transparent notion in the Boundaries section of the Dynamics and Definitons sourcesheet.

Prince Albert

PA, Albert. Piercing between the urethra and the underside of the penis just to the side of the frenum, allowing a ring to be worn on the end of the penis -- see the Piercing Glossary.


Similar to a speculum.

professional dominatrix

See dominatrix.


Knot used for creating a resizeable loop. See the Knots Sourcesheet.

punch fucking

A particularly rare and extreme form of fisting.

pushy bottom

Common phrase for a bottom who is overdemanding and while purporting to be submissive attempts to control the scene by manipulation, usually to increase the intensity of what's going on or to invite other activities rather than to defy or disobey the top. Obviously the more the dynamic of domination and submission is important to the scene, the more pushiness on the bottom's part could become a problem.

Most tops err on the side of caution when playing with someone new so there is a good possibility with partners who do not know each other well that the bottom will feel frustrated that his or her limit is not being reached. If this is happening it's usually less irritating and disruptive to either wait for a break or call one and then explain what is happening explicitly to the top. The situation can be usually be avoided by patience and honest negotiation.

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When a woman sits astride a person's face and forces her cunt into their mouth and nose. Could be simply for cunnilingus or practised as a form of breath control.


A long coaching whip -- see lunge whip and under What to Use: Riding Whips in the Flagellation Reference.
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